The Calm before the Storm

Hey, friends!! How were your New Year celebrations?  Ours were pretty uneventful as we had bad weather to start the week and we are prepping for the worst storm in our area in a longgggg time.  We are supposed to get up to 11″ of snow, 20-30 mph winds, and down to -35 degree temperatures.  Needless to say, everyone in our area has been scattering around yesterday and today trying to make sure we have all of the essentials before the storms hits (it’s supposed to be here tonight and last until at least Monday morning).  My motto living in Illinois about snow has always been that if we are going to get snow, I want it to be enough to shut everything down!  I have anxiety attacks driving in bad weather, so I’m ok if there’s a snow day from work on Monday! 🙂

Since we are expecting the bad weather, we have one of our favorite couples coming over for supper and cards.  They live in town so it won’t be too bad of travels getting back this evening a couple hours into the storm.  I threw one of all-time favorite meals in the crockpot and figured I’d share with you guys. Fast, easy, and makes plenty!


Slow Cooker Roast, Potatoes, and Carrots


3lb roast of your choice (we prefer a beef roast over pork but either will do)

3 large baking potatoes

1 lb organic carrots

1 medium yellow onion

1 package of Lipton’s onion soup mix


1. Place a liner in your slow cooker (we HIGHLY recommend these for easier clean up!)

2. Place roast in bottom of slow cooker and rub with seasoning (We have used tons of different kinds of seasonings, so feel free to try whatever you think you will like.  This time I used Lipton’s onion soup mix, salt, and pepper.)

3. Peel carrots, onion, and potatoes (optional) and slice.  I like to have about 3-4 good chunks for large potatoes, and for carrots I like to make about 3-4 inch sticks.

4. Scatter carrots and potatoes along the outside of the crockpot (they may overlap into the middle depending on the size of your crockpot) and place the onion in the middle (I typically like to have my onion directly on the roast).

5. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 4 hours


That’s it! If you’re coming home from work and back from running errands, dinner is DONE! You can serve with any kind of dipping sauce you want, we prefer Heinz 57 or ketchup.


I hope that all of you are safe and out of the upcoming storms! I will be in touch soon… stay warm and Happy Saturday! 🙂


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